Digital Evidence Examination

Digital Evidence Examination

What is Computer Forensics?

Computer forensics or digital forensics is a process of electronic discovery to acquire digital evidence, analyze facts and report on a case by examining digital devices such as computers, hard drives or any other storage media or network, conducted by a suitably trained computer forensic analyst.



Acquiring and Collecting Digital Evidence

Digital evidence can be collected from many sources. These may be computers, mobile phones, digital cameras, hard drives, CD-ROM, USB memory sticks and many more. Non-obvious sources include RFID tags, and web pages which must be preserved as they are subject to change. Forensic Associates take special care when handling computer evidence. Most digital information is provisional and can be easily changed; it is usually difficult to detect the changes or to revert the data back to its original state. In this case Forensic Associates will be able to establish at a later stage whether or not the original digital evidence has been tampered.

Data recovery

Forensic Associates offers recovery service of your data no matter the cause of the loss. Even if your data was intentionally deleted Forensic Associates can assist you. If your data loss was the result of file system corruption Forensic Associates can assist you. Whether you need to recover one file or multiple gigabytes of data Forensic Associates can help you.

Secure Data Erasure and Data Wipe

Forensic Associates is able to provide for secure data disposal services, guaranteeing the security of business or confidential customer data stored on your computer hard drives and data storage devices. In fact, secure data erasure or data destruction is the exact opposite of forensic data recovery. You may need secure data erasure if you are recycling, giving away or disposing of computers, hard drives or any electronic media storage devices or if you are restructuring, merging or want to stop trading.
You or your company are liable if disposed electronic media, such as hard drives, are sifted for data and the acquired data is used for fraudulent or illegal activities. Formatting or deleting the data DOES NOT MEAN that the data is destroyed; data from formatted or even faulty hard drives can easily be recovered and used. Forensic Associates can securely wipe out all your sensitive data and provide you with a Safe Data Disposal Certificate. This means that your data will not be exposed to fraudsters and identity thieves and you can submit the certificate to compliance authorities, if required.

Computer Forensic Analysis

It is true that electronic evidence may exist in almost any forensic case. Your advisors must be more experienced, more technologically savvy, and more hard working than ever before. Forensic Associates will ease the process of identification, preservation, and analysis of electronic evidence.



Whether the need is to obtain records from a litigation opponent or respond to a request for documents, Forensic Associates can provide assistance for identifying, preserving and analyzing electronic evidence to avoid the pitfalls of spoliation unique to this type of evidence. Forensic Associates focus efforts on uncovering valuable electronic data and maintaining the integrity of this evidence. Forensic Associates understand the pervasive nature of electronic documents and can assist with all aspects of electronic evidence management, from consulting and data gathering to examination and production. Our expert staff can also help to prepare or respond to any electronic evidence discovery requests.



Expert Witness

Forensic Associates experts are well versed in presenting much technical issues in a non-technical manner so that all parties can fully understand the digital evidence whether it is in written form or as computer expert witnesses at a court or tribunal. Our experts also undertake a comprehensive training program which prepares them for the rigors of courtroom cross examination.

Incident Response

Situations often arise which require an immediate response. Whether a key employee has been terminated, there is a potential loss of IP, or if circumstances have occurred that may lead to a future lawsuit, Forensic Associates can provide guidance and knowledge to quickly identify and preserve the electronic information needed to investigate any situation.