Photo Analysis

Photo Analysis

Photo Analysis

Photo analysis refers to the study of data and objects which have been depicted. Our experts use the most up to date technics and SOPs in order to process the photo evidence and gain the best resort.


 Photo Enhancement

Photo Enhancement is to improve the quality mainly for comparison purposes. CCTV surveillance images can be compared with other known photos of persons, vehicle etc. for forensic purposes.

Photo Comparison

Examination of photos (of any type) includes the comparison of subjects or objects depicted in the questioned images with those in the known ones. It is also possible for subject(s) or object(s) to be tracked among multiple questioned images. Not only can facial or body parts be compared, but also objects, such as clothing, firearms and vehicles.


Physical dimensions can be derived from images through the use of geometric formulas or on-site comparison. The technic of photogrammetry is used, for example, so as the height of the alleged bank robber(s) to be determined or the length of the weapon(s) used by the suspect(s) depicted in the surveillance images.